Our Translating Nomads are a location independent team who have set out to provide a service by Nomads for Nomads. Especially dedicated to supporting the travel, sports and wellbeing businesses that we love and rely on during our travels.

Our Cofounding Nomads Miquel & Row have travelled, trained and worked within global sports in a combined total, of more than 50 countries. Having lived in communities and worked and managed teams international, in their non native language. We fully understand the challenges when translation support is not available, so we know just how vital our service is to people like us.

We recognise and embrace human beings vast range of communication abilities which go way beyond spoken language. We often find the best connections and make unforgettable memories with people who we have no verbal ability to communicate with, yet somehow it doesn’t matter and we just get it.

Yet at times we have all experienced the frustration, misunderstanding, limitations and at times dangers created by language barriers. As more and more people work and travel internationally its increasing likely that you may be working and living in a country where you do not speak the language and working for a company or clients who do not share your native language.

Or maybe your a business that has opened its doors to digital nomads and location independent or remote workers? Producing content for your customers without easily accessible and reliable on call translation can be tough. .

So If you need affordable, rapid, accurate translation for your alternative travel or sustainable related business, social media, nomad and action sports, travel or health and wellbeing, look no further. We get how personal your brand and message is in any language.

Trust the Translating Nomads to translate in your chosen language without losing your unique voice. We’re here to help you and your brand, content or business grow and break language barriers today just contact us for a quote@translatingnomads.com